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KOKKION ice cream was designed after systematic research and was created as the result of years of professional experience with confectionery pastry making.


Our Pastry Chef in collaboration with his talented team, produces high quality ice cream with irresistible flavors!


At KOKKION we do not use pre-prepared
ice-cream mixes. Each flavor is freshly produced in our ice-cream lab, with raw and meticulously selected ingredients
such as cheese and caramel that
we prepare in our ice-cream lab,
fresh Greek cow milk from a local farm in northern Greece, fresh creme, top quality French chocolate as well as best quality nuts selected from all over the world, berries, fruit, and many others.

This is the result of
our passion for perfection!

chocolate ice-cream with 85% cocoa


handmade & always fresh

 The ice-cream flavors at KOKKION are
well thought-out and technically executed
by our expert confectioners and pasty chefs.
We have combined creative talent,
technical expertise and long professional experience to produce
KOKKION’s balanced,
original palette of ice-cream flavors.


100 % lactose free

We are very particular about catering to the nutritional needs and dietary choices of our clientele. We offer a rich, delicious selection
of sorbet flavors that are
100% lactose free and vegan.
KOKKION for a taste of
the flavors we have created for you 
with respect to your individual preferences.

raspberry, blueberry & blackcurrant sorbet


in downtown Athens

KOKKION is  a small, welcoming ice-cream shop
located at the heart of Athens.
Whether you are an avid ice-cream lover
or a traveling passer-by you will find
the elegant and cozy ambience at
inviting you in for a delightfully tasty experience!


Our sweets and desserts at KOKKION
are freshly produced, on a day-to day basis. 
We serve them in single portion air-tight jars 
to preserve their full flavor and freshness.

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